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Incentive Compensation Management

SalesClub’s mission in life is to help you increase sales. In doing so, we believe the carrot is more efficient than the stick. Used in the right way Incentive Compensation Management will engage your sales reps, help you manage their behavior and activities, and - last but not least – increase your sales.             Structure competitions, bonus, commissions and campaigns through one tool only.

Sales Performance Management

You have objectives to meet. Budgets are challenging, and you are expected to deliver. Your salesforce is instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. But are sales representatives doing the right things? Do they spend too much time in the office? Do they favor meeting their existing customers instead of drumming up new ones? Do they focus their efforts most profitable products and segments? The Sales Performance Management Software from SalesClub is all about ensuring that your sales representatives behave in accordance with your overall objectives by means of:

  • Communication
  • Competence building
  • Visualization
  • Rewards
  • Follow up
  • Sales management

Support and Additional Services When Needed

You can easily choose between our support services, everything from phone, email and live chat. SalesClub offers a full set of support and administrative services. This will enable you to free up resources for value adding activities and focus on growing your business.

Embedded Services

  • Multiple platform support
    SalesClub works on traditional computers and on all mobile platforms. All improvements to the system made by us – or re-configurations made by you are immediately reflected in the mobile versions of the solution.
  • Handling and Shipping
    We handle all the logistics when your sales reps redeem prizes in our prize shop – from initial order to shipment of prizes.
  • System Updates
    We improve the solution on an ongoing basis. You get the benefits on all updates in your solution at no additional charge.

Your Look and Feel

We set up the system according to your design specifications – it will appear as if it was your own, and it can be accessed directly or completely seamlessly via an existing portal of your choice. We can make sure that you get your own look and feel!

All Devices

Do you prefer a dashboard on you’re computer or want all the information on you’re phone, we got the solution. The SalesClub platform is responsive and will work on all devices. On the way to catch a plane? Have full control of you’re campaigns and how you’re sales force are performing instant on all you’re devices.


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