If you want to improve performance, you have to work with several disciplines.

SalesClub integrates all of these in one seamless and intuitive platform.

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Your sales representatives need to know exactly what you expected from them. They have to be adequately educated to sell your products. They need to perform – individually and compared to their peers. You need to reward them with incentives that work. You will need to gather information and manage the salesforce. And you need to rigorously follow up to ensure they are on the right track. Salesclub allows you to do this in a platform that is:


Knowledge of overall objectives, sales strategy, product launches or similar are of paramount importance for your salesforce to perform excellently.

Salesclub functions as a communication platform offering the opportunity to communicate.

  • Sales strategy and targets
  • Campaign information
  • Product launches
  • KPI's

In a uniform and efficient way across your entire salesforce

To encourage sales representatives to following the news, quiz functionality is an integrated part of the solution. You are able to quiz users and reward correct answers with virtual or real rewards. You can enter quiz questions yourself or outsource this task to Salesclub – all depending on your preference.

Competence building

The salesforce needs to be well educated in the products or solutions they sell. This can be a challenge in particular in businesses where new product launches are frequent and the salesforce is widespread geographically

SalesClub offers an intuitive and flexible e-learning feature allowing you to

  • Set up training programs easily and flexibly
  • Test users to ensure that they have gained sufficient knowledge from the training
  • Reward a "pass" with either virtual or real rewards

You can easily set up training programs and exams yourself, or you can choose to outsource the task to SalesClub.


Sales representatives need to know how they perform according to the targets laid out for them. And quite often visualization of sales results in an organization will stimulate a healthy competition between sales representatives – thus driving up sales.

SalesClub offers extensive visualization options, including:

  • Absolute sales results
  • Progress towards target
  • Leader boards showing a ranking of all sales representatives, groups of representatives or similar

What to visualize and how will vary from company to company. The solution will be set up to cater for your exact needs as part of the deployment process.


Salesforce incentives allows you direct attention and sales focus to the objectives you consider most important. This way you will actively use rewards to support your sales strategy and to ignite an extra effort whenever needed.

SalesClub offers an unparalleled incentive compensation management solution where:

  • You define the reward structure and the value associated with completing a sale or achieving an objective
  • Sales representatives report sales results in the solution
  • Points are allocated to the sales representatives as a reward for their achievements. The points are deposited into an account in SalesClub
  • The sales representatives use their points to shop in SalesClub’s web shop

Rewards can be structured as time limited incentives such as campaign or sales team competitions, or as ongoing sales compensation models – or even as a combinations thereof.


The closer you keep track of efforts and achievements, the earlier you will detect deviations, and the better you are positioned to take corrective action.

Across its many functions, SalesClub enables you to

  • Measure sales performance across individuals, teams, and companies
  • Diagnose deviations from target with the purpose of determining the appropriate corrective actions
  • Compare performance and enable those not performing well to learn from those who do
  • Analyze the efficiency of campaigns and activities in order to ensure constant efficiency improvements

These are just examples. SalesClub offers comprehensive reporting functionality – and if you need more, all data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Reports and analytics

By registering sales, completion of training, sales campaigns, etc. you collect a plethora of data in the SalesClub solution. As registration of activities and results are often associated with rewards, data quality is generally very high compared with other sales management platforms. This offers an opportunity for reliable analytics and management reporting.

Reports are extremely flexible and intuitive. You can easily adapt them to suit your information needs – or you can ask SalesClub to do it for you. You can export all results to Excel for further analysis.

Jointly reports and analytics facilitate measuring the effect of sales and marketing initiatives – and ultimately the return on the company’s investments in the sales and marketing area.